International Scam

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Kentucky State Police found out about this newest scam today, and its affecting residents in the area.

It is an international scam asking people to become a secret shopper and offering them money up front through the mail.

The company is named after a legitimate company, and it includes a cashier's check, naming a real bank. Also included is a letter explaining the process.

"They would get people to take it to a bank and cash the check with the agreement that a portion would be mailed back to the company," says KSP Detective Eugene Maxwell.

Leaving the person making some money in the process.

This scam is hitting Bowling Green.

KSP out of Bowling Green say they get at least 2 complaints a day over scams like these.

But this one isn't just in Kentucky.

"It was routed through Canada and came back to Kentucky," Maxwell says.

So now Secret Service and U.S. Customs are investigating.

But many people have already lost money due to this one and other similar scams.

"These people are having to cash these at the banks," says Maxwell.

The manager at National City Bank in Bowling Green says they put a hold on any suspicious check that is out of the norm for a customer.

"It protects them 100%, protects the bank, and more importantly it allows research and fraud center to try to link where the check originated," says bank manager Tap Tharpe.

Though that procedure offers protection, it also keeps people from getting their money quicker.

But cashier's checks like this one...

"They are easily duplicated in a fraudulent manner," says Tharpe

Still making it all too easy to fall victim to the crime.