Emergency Preparedness

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This summer was an eye opening experience, not only for the hurricane victims, but for everyone that witnessed the chaos.

So, the Bowling Green Coalition of Active Neighborhoods, BG CAN, are working to prepare themselves for any disaster.

This isn't meant to replace the emergency response...

"Our emergency response people are really taxed at times," said Joe Gentry, CERT instructor.

So the neighborhoods are becoming certified to help each other through CERT: Community Emergency Response Team.

"So if we can help ourselves it's a lot easier on them until they can get to us," Gentry said.

A panel of three spoke to the group about what it was like helping out in the gulf region after the hurricanes, and explained how this training may help bring things back to normal if a tornado, earthquake, or another event happened in this region.

The Dutch Gardens neighborhood hosted this meeting. They have already received CERT training.

"We know to be prepared with our food supply, water supply, things like that.... Ready to help our neighbors in case we are needed," said Dutch Gardens resident Betty Hunter.

And that is not just for mass disasters. Hunter says it is just to be there for your neighbors when they need you everyday.