Former Teacher In Court For Misdemeanor and Felony Charges

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A woman who police say left the country with a 14-year-old former student faced a judge Tuesday in her hometown. 26-year-old Angela Comer left Tompkinsville on January 6th, only to be found by authorities four days later in Mexico.

Tuesday she appeared before Monroe Circuit Court Judge Steve Hurt.
Comer and her attorney entered a plea of not guilty to charges of Third Degree Unlawful Transaction With A Minor and felony Custodial Interference Charges.

They also asked for the $50,000 bond to be reduced, but that request was denied.

Her attorney, Johnny Bell, says the prosecution's case was based on propaganda, rumors, and media attention.

Monroe County Attorney, Wes Stephens says: "It upset me that he would insinuate that the Commonwealth was pursuing this case merely because of propaganda and the media interest. When our goal, as I told you last week before they were caught, is to protect the children of Monroe County. That's all we're doing it for, and that's why this case is being aggressively pursued and prosecuted."

Wednesday a grand jury will decide what additional charges Comer will face.

Stephens says: "I've talked to the Commonwealth Attorney and the police officers involved. Tomorrow they will decide. Custodial interference, rape third degree, and probably unlawful transaction with a minor first degree, due to the sexual nature of the relationship."

Stephens says he doesn't think she will be charged with kidnapping because there is no evidence the 14-year-old was taken against his will.

Comer's jury trial for the original Unlawful Transaction With A Minor charge is set for April 14th.