TVA Power Line Update

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"We feel TVA has no basis. One, they haven't established there's a public need. After that, they haven't established that this route is good. They've just said "this is what we're gonna do," says the residents' attorney David Broderick.

Citizens of both Bent Creek Farms and Chestnut Hill have decided not to quietly allow the Tennessee Valley Authority to put up a proposed power line in their area. They plan to fight the company in court.

"I would anticipate that at some stage it wouldn't be unreasonable that we take the first step cause we don't want them taking our land."

In a statement from TVA, the electric company says:

TVA's objective is to select the best overall path for the line weighing the same environmental, land use, engineering and cost considerations to ensure that overall project impacts, as well impacts to the community at large are minimized.

David Hall, the Vice President of Electric System Project says that criteria for picking a spot for the power line includes: technical merit, cost of the project, the length of the line, land use for the land that would be crossed, and environment effects.

Broderick says other utility providers that he talked to dispute the theory that the area is the best for the power line.

He also says he was told that the need for extra power lines isn't as great as TVA would lead the city to believe.

"We've been told there's not going to be a need until 2014, and that’s even if there's a need in 2014, all they would have to do is take a different route using existing wires.

Broderick says TVA is not the only company to blame in this situation.

He says Bowling Green Municipal Utilities should have been the ones to determine the best site for the line instead of deferring the decision to TVA.