Crime Stoppers: Hydrocodone Stolen

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Just after four in the morning on Friday the 13th, someone broke into the front door of "Medicine Arts Pharmacy" on the 31-W bypass. The thief got away with $2,708.00 worth of hydrocodone and other drugs. The suspect wore a thick jacket with a hood, a mask, and gloves.

This is similar to a burglary at "Nation's Medicine" at 830 Fairview Avenue early Christmas morning. That time, two burglars forced their way into the drug store, and also stole a large quantity of hydrocodone.

Police say one of the thieves is a large, black male with glasses. The other wore a mask and yellow gloves. They stole the pills and got away in less than three minutes.

If you know anything about either of these drug thefts, please call Crime Stoppers at 781-"clue," or click here to go to the "Crime Stoppers" web site. You could earn up to $1,000 cash for your anonymous tip.