Housing Communities Angry at BGMU

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But they also feel that Bowling Green Municipal Utilities has dealt them a raw hand.

"It would seem to me that BGMU ought to take a role locally, and ought to say what's the best route. They have not done that," says David Broderick, the attorney for both housing communities.

But BGMU says it has absolutely no control over where the power line will be placed.

According to BGMU Manager of Business Development and Marketing, Miles McDaniel, the company is not a generation and transmission utility. He says it's a distribution electric utility.

This means they aren't the creators of the power, but carriers from a larger company such as TVA.

"We will own and maintain the delivery point and the substations. However, we do not own or maintain transmission lines that provide us power to substations throughout the Bowling Green community," says McDaniel.

Although they have no choice in the matter, McDaniel says the new transmission line is necessary to the city of Bowling Green.

"If we lost a delivery point, at this time currently, we would not be able to bring up the entire city. It’s a good possibility we couldn't do that. This new delivery point would eliminate that."

Currently, BGMU is in a five-year contract with the Tennessee Valley Authority and BGMU says it's happy with TVA's decision because it's for the betterment of Bowling Green.