What's in store for other automotive giants?

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"Fortunately for us, it doesn't affect us. No lay offs, no lost jobs and don't plan to!"
General Motors Plant Manager Wil Cooksey comments on the massive reconstruction of The Ford Motor Company.
Recently, Ford announced "The Way Forward Plan" which will start operating the company like a small business instead of the huge automotive giant its become. This means thousands of jobs are at stake at a total of 14 plants across the United States.
Cooksey says General Motors has scaled back in other ways, for instance, he used to have an assistant manager. GM eliminated that position. Cooksey says a key concept their employees must understand is "eliminating waste." Cooksey describes it as "anything but putting the parts on cars." Despite what some reports say about sliding market shares and credit rating downgrades, December of 2005 set the all-time record for Corvette sales. GM sold 3,271 that month, the last year holding the record was 1977 with 3,259 Corvette sales.