Hometown Hero - Harold Bradford

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Harold Bradford has been with Warren Rural Electric for 53 years.

Co-workers say Harold's dedication is exceptional - its not only quantity but quality that defines his character.

Through the years, Harold has inspired a sense of work ethic to both those older and younger at the company.

Harold didn't think twice about coming back to work even after he was shocked while working on electric lines years ago.

He says knowing thousands of people depend on him for their electricity makes his job a passion and the dedication follows effortlessly.

Harold's dedication to his family is also unfaltering.

This Kentucky native is the youngest of twelve children and has two daughters of his own. His drive to excel at work has never stopped him from being there for his family.

Warren Rural Electric says although Harold will be dearly missed, he has left a legacy that will never be forgotten.

Harold says he plans to fill his time by voluteering for various community organizations.

He also plans on traveling, his first destination is Ireland.