Greenwood High School Thefts

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Over the past week several purse thefts have occurred at Greenwood High School, so many that the Warren County Sheriff's Department is now involved.

Before Tuesday, five juveniles had been arrested since last week for stealing fellow students' purses and the items inside them.

Among the items found missing from these purses were iPods, cell phones and cash that combined totals a couple of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise.

Tuesday, two more arrests were made in this latest ring of purse snatchers.

"We actually caught a student with an iPod on his possession. It was stolen, confirmed by the serial numbers. That investigation is still pending. That student was charged with theft by unlawful taking of over $300. A second student was charged and confessed to having possession of stolen property," says Dep. Joe Green.

Dep. Green offers a warning to all parents and students alike.

"All parents need to be aware to not have those students take these expensive items or have them locked safely in a locker or keep their purses, wallets, etc. with them at all times due to the high theft rate that's going on now."

The seven juveniles are facing charges of receiving and stealing property of over $300.

The Warren County Sheriff's Department says the investigation is still ongoing.

Greenwood High officials were unavailable for comment.