Drawing Their Future

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Cindy Lewandowski's 6th grade class in Briarwood Elementary raises their hands as she asks how many parents have farms. More hands go up as she asks about their grandparents.
"So there is a big difference between today and yesterday." Lewandowski has been teaching her classes about the importance of farming, and what its future holds.
The Kentucky Department of Agriculture wants students from 1st - 8th grades to participate in a poster/essay contest. The assignment: Imagine the Future of Agriculture. Students put their artistic skills to work as they came up with new machinery like hovering tractors and computer key pads for barns as they imagined farming in the future. The contest entries must be in the KDA office or postmarked no later than February 24. Winners will be notified by March 10. Winners receive a $100 savings bond and will be honored in the Kentucky Agriculture Day Luncheon on March 22.
To participate: call (502) 564-4696
Click on "Education Resources" in the pull-down menu and click on "Agricultural Education."