Man Dies From Injuries Sustained in House With Meth Lab

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An area man is dead following and overnight fire at a home with a meth lab.

Doug Jessie was flown to the University of Louisville hospital overnight, Wednesday. The fire happened on Columbia Road in Edmonton. The Metcalfe County Sheriff's Department says the case is under investigation, and there is a confirmed meth lab in the bathroom of the home.

Meth lab explosions are nothing new to our area, but they are becoming more common.

An undercover officer with t he Drug Task Force says: "The fire from explosion of meth labs have increased. We've noticed an increase within the last year."

The scene is an all too familiar sight in South Central Kentucky; a meth lab filled with chemicals ignites.

DTF officer says: "You're basically making a bomb to make methamphetamine. Any lab can explode at any time."

If something goes wrong when meth is being made it can cause an explosion. Vanderbilt University says the average cost of treating burn victims ranges between $800,000- $1 million per patient. Meth labs are not only a danger to the cook, but to people who may not be involved in any way.

Christian County Commonwealth Attorney, Rick Boling, says: "One meth lab, if it explodes not only is it going to kill the people in that lab, if they are using a hotel room, they could potentially knock out a whole hotel and everybody inside it."

Residential meth labs can also pose a risk to neighbors. Authorities say in this case it's better to be safe than sorry.

DTF officer says: "The best thing is people being vigilant about what's going on in their surroundings and their neighborhoods."