"Spell-A-Bration 2006"

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Kids aren't the only ones who have a chance to be championship spellers. Community education is gearing up for its first organizers announced details of "Spell-A-Bration 2006" this afternoon at Hills Pet Food.

Teams of three people from different agencies and organizations will face off in a spelling bee at the end of this month. Teams must raise at least 300 dollars to participate.

The event will raise much-needed funds for community education.

Hills Pet Food and WBKO are sponsoring the spelling bee with community education.

"Spell-A-Bration 2006" will be held Tuesday, February 28th at 6 p.m. at Moss Middle School. The deadline for teams to sign up is February tenth.

For more information: www.bgwc-commed.org or call 842-4281.