BGPD Awards Ceremony

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The police officers you see on the streets of Bowling Green, took time out to honor each other for their hard work.

Sergeant Melanie Watts received this year's "Officer of the Year" award for her efforts within the department.

Sergeant Watts has been with the BGPD for eleven years and she says she couldn't do her job without the support of the rest of the department, and their team work.

Beverly Pennington received this year's "Civilian of the Year Award."

Here's a look at the other award winners....

20 year Service Awards:
Naomi Matthews
Shirley Patterson
Cliff Meeks
Marcia Haley
Randy Schocke
Alan Cropper

Departmental Awards:
Beverly Pennington - Civilian of the Year
Melanie Watts - Officer of the Year
Josh Hughes - DUI Award
Chris Duke - Seatbelt Award
Chris Duke - Child Restraint Award
Greg Claywell - Bill Key Traffic Award
Kevin Wiles - Character Counts Award

Quentin Hughes - Major
Gary Rich - Major
Kevin Wiles - Captain
Mike Delaney - Sergeant
Kahlil Flesher - Sergeant
Gary Spillman - Sergeant

Medal Awards:
Shawn Helbig - Medal of Honor
Charles Casey - Medal of Honor
Steven Davidson - Lifesaving Medal
David Marshall - Lifesaving Medal
Robert Kitchen - Lifesaving Medal
Erik Woodward - Lifesaving Medal