Child Passenger Safety Month

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Kentucky State Police Trooper, Todd Holder, says: "I have seen an accident where a child was in a safety seat and the seat worked perfectly except it was not installed properly. And when the accident occurred, the child flew from, seat and child, into the roadway and the child was killed."

A tragedy that isn't uncommon considering 90 percent of child safety seats are not properly installed.

Erin Eaton is a child passenger safety coordinator with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. She says: "We've done about 10 seats and so far, I'd have to look at the paperwork, but I don't think any came in correctly installed."

Leya Carstensen is the mother of four. When she saw they were doing safety seat inspections she stopped by with three of her four kids.

Carstensen says: "It's a lot of seats! Ha!"

She says she learned the shoulder harnesses on her older daughters seats were not positioned where they should be. She also got some help with eleven-week-old Meredith’s seat.

Carstensen says: "I did find out that my infant car seat had already expired. There's an expiration on car seats so I had to get a new one."

She says she's grateful for the information she received.

Carstensen says: "It's a great tool, because you really want your kids to be safe. And you think they're safe. And you think they're safe because they're in their car seat. But if it is not installed correctly then it's not really safe."

To find out if your child's car seat has been recalled go to

To report an unrestrained child in a moving vehicle call 1(888)236-8KID.