Burglaries Continue

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The number of victims keep rising with nearly 20 in the past 2 weeks, and that number nearing 40 for the past month for burglaries and thefts combined.

"We've seen the way they entered a residences mainly and the stuff they they've taken that leads us to believe it's the same suspects," said Deputy Sheriff Daniel Alexander.

The only thing the victims have in common...

"They were just all gone at the time all the burglaries occurred," Alexander said.

And with the homes unattended, the suspects used something available on the scene to break the windows, or to kick in the front or back doors taking property ranging in value from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars worth per home.

"It's mostly occurring at the North end of Warren County at this time," Alexander said.

Here's a map of all the latest burglaries. As you can see, they are grouped closely together in the North-East part of the county with one exception. The numbers on this map represent more than one burglary on the same street.

And police say the crime spree is likely not over.

Neighbors refused to speak on camera, but say they are taking extra precautions to make sure they aren't victimized next.

"None of them (the victims) had alarm systems," Alexander said.

But this home did have motion detector lights on every corner.

This home was broken into at night, but police say the times vary, with some even happening in broad daylight.

Deputy Alexander says for protection, you should have a neighbor watch your home while you're gone.

If you notice anything suspicious in your neighborhood, you are urged to call the warren county sheriff's department at 842-1633.