UPDATE: ABC Anchor and Photographer Injured

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ABC's Bob Woodruff and his cameraman Doug Vogt were embedded with the Fourth Infantry Division just north of Baghdad when the armored vehicle they were in came across an improvised explosive device and subsequent small arms fire.

They are both out of surgery and in stable condition from head injuries and shrapnel wounds at this hour even though they were both wearing all their body armor, protective glasses, and helmets. They will be transported to military medical facilities in Lanstuhl, Germany tonight.

Woodruff and his cameraman were medevac'd to one of the best military hospitals in Iraq in the town of Balad. They were with Iraqi troops working on a story from the perspective of the Iraqi army.

Woodruff had just begun co-anchoring World News Tonight with Elizabeth Vargas at the beginning of this month.

Doug Vogt is one of the best cameramen that ABC has- working in war zones for more than 20 years, winning awards and recognition along with a reputation for being cautious in difficult situations yet still producing amazing images.

44-year-old Bob Woodruff has a wife and 4 children; and 46 year old Doug Vogt has a wife and 3 children.