Buckets of Hope Penny Drive

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According to Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky, more than three million children are abused and neglected every year in the United States.

Last year in Kentucky, there were over 72,000 abuse cases reported, and the number of children that died due to abuse and neglect rose by 22 percent.

The Family Enrichment Center in Bowling Green is working to help lower these high statistics, especially in our area. One way they plan on doing this is through a penny drive at area schools called Buckets of Hope.

"Last year in our region there was 1,105 children who we're proven to be abused and neglected. Alot of times we don't think it happens, but it really does happen," says the Family Enrichment Centers Director of Operations, Nickie Jones.

This is the third year for the Buckets of Hope drive and the money raised will benefit children in the area.

Those involved with the program are encouraging anyone to give to the drive, and also try to educate children during the fundraiser on child abuse, and how important it is to help other children.

Coordinators say, however, getting the children to donate usually isn't hard to do.

"The kids are so excited and they bring in their change that they have collected for something else that they personally wanted, and they give it to the kids because they know they're helping someone...an abused child," says Jones.

The fundraiser will be going on from January 30th to February 10th at the following schools: Briarwood Elementary, Cumberland Trace Elementary, Holy Trinity, Lost River Elementary, Natcher Elementary, North Warren Elementary, Richardsville Elementary, Richpond Elementary, Rockfield Elementary, Warren Central High School's ROTC, and Warren Elementary.

For more information on the Buckets of Hope drive you can contact the Family Enrichment Center at (270) 781-6714.