Woman Dead After Arson Fire

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Kentucky State Police Trooper, Todd Holder, says: "We believe we have an arson but we still are not positive on the cause of death at this time."

This gasoline container is thought to be where the fire that killed 45-year-old Bobbi J. Liles began.

Trooper Holder says: "The Kentucky State Police received a call that there had been a fire on Boiling Springs Road."

Neighbors say they called the fire department around 4 a.m. when they heard a loud explosion. They didn't see any flames, but they saw a lot black smoke. And this isn't the first time this trailer had caught on fire.

Trooper Holder says: "The Richardville Fire Department stated they had been dispatched to a fire on the previous Saturday night at the same residence."

The trailer has been vacant since July when the owners put it up for sale, leaving investigators to come to one conclusion.

Trooper Holder says: "You can basically determine there was an arson without determining if the arson cause the death. Or if someone set the fire and that caused the death or if someone who lived there set the fire."

Bobbi J. Liles will be taken for an autopsy in Louisville. Neighbors tell us her husband, Mike Liles, was going to meet with insurance adjustors at the house Monday afternoon. He was questioned by authorities Monday morning and they say he showed little signs of emotion over his wife's death. WBKO will continue keep you updated on this story when more information becomes available.