Butler County Jail's New Policy

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"We're trying to get home. We're not trying to prolong our stay. If contraband comes into the jail, it not only affects one person, it affects the whole jail," says one inmate of the jail.

Inmates of the Butler County Jail will no longer be visited by those with pending drug charges.

Butler County Jailer, Terry Fugate, says he came up with the idea in order to keep drugs from being snuck into the jail, and the inmates seem to agree with the decision.

"They basically said to get away from drugs and stay away from drugs and to get out of jail that everybody needed to be clean."

Before the rule was put into place, Fugate says the jail would have situations where visitors who are currently facing drug charges would visit inmates and leave drugs behind in the bathrooms (under the pipes and inside the toilet).

But Fugate says most of the inmates wanted a change that would help them serve their time without worrying about illegal substances entering the jail.

The inmate says, "I think all of the inmates approve of it. They realize it’s something we want because we want to go home."

For some of the inmates, the policy which has been in effect less than a month is about more than just keeping their jail clean; it’s about taking care of their families.

"We hurt when we're not with our families, our families didn't put us here and drugs has kept us away from our families and we're all trying to overcome that and we will, as long as we keep the drugs out."