Kentucky Technology Plan

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The initiative, one of the pieces of the initiative is to get affordable broadband Internet to all households of Kentucky and we're working towards that.

That is the cornerstone of Governor Ernie Fletcher's "Prescription for Innovation" program.

In order to get this program up and running, the project has two major priorities to accomplish with the first one being to make government more accessible online by upgrading all government Web sites.

The second is computer technology education.

"It is educating the community on what applications are available. What options are available for broadband and what you can do with it," says Connect Kentucky representative, Michael Ramage.

According to studies, 68 percent of all Kentucky homes have computers but only 60 percent have the Internet.

Most of these areas are considered too "rural" to receive Internet access.

But Internet experts say that might not be the case.

"Some of the areas in Warren County on the maps are not that rural. On a first glance it appears that way, but there's new technology, new ways of getting broadband out of those areas.

Once everyone has broadband Internet officials say, Warren County, as well as the state could see a boom in revenue.

Warren County Judge Executive, Michael Buchanon says, "It gives us an entirely new amenity that is totally unique to most areas of the nation and indeed, most areas of the world."

"If we have more people using computers and more people using Internet, then we're gonna have a more technology-trained workforce that can bring in more of those high-tech companies," say Ramage.

Currently, most Warren County citizens receive their Internet from cable as well as wireless providers.

Judge Executive Buchanon says he believes smaller Internet companies in the area and phone companies will become more prominent Internet carriers as the state moves toward across the board broadband service.