Targeting Your Hometown: Breeding

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Inside a small building in remote Adair County, our crews found one couple crafting creations that are featured around the world.

The community of Breeding consists of a small post office, a general store, a couple of churches and one couple passionate about creating a unique form of art. Once a gold miner, Chris Jensen struck gold when he decided to try his hand at woodworking. Together, he and his wife Donna manufacture handmade wooden boxes and chests. Carved from cherry and oak, these unusual creations feature a unique design and intricate detail.

The pieces have been featured worldwide. Governor Paul Patton presented a number of them to Japanese dignitaries; one even lies in the Smithsonian Institute.

If you would like to contact Chris or Donna Jensen, you can do so by calling (270) 378-6509 or visiting them online at:

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