Cooper Meeting Update

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"We have not dropped everything now that Davis Cooper is behind bars. Now is when we become aggressive to say "Are there other avenues? Is there a pile of money out there that we're not aware of?" says Bowling Green Mayor Elaine Walker.

Its those questions that the Bowling Green City Commission are hoping to get some answers to.

After Tuesday night's regularly called meeting, the commission met with a law firm out of Lexington they've hired to consult them in possible litigation against those who might have some of Cooper's embezzled money.

"We've just tried to track what other bank accounts it went to. The checks, who they were made payable to; a lot of credit card payments...who were made in the benefit of." says new Chief Financial Officer and city Treasurer, Jeff Meisel.

According to Meisel, Cooper spent most of the money (through credit cards and checks) on utility bills, consumer items, and more.

"A lot of credit card payments, just tons and tons of credit card payments, occasional checks to family members, that sort of thing."

In order to not compromise the possible litigation process, Mayor Walker couldn't go into specifics from the meeting, but she did say that anyone recieving money from the former Chief Financial Officer could face punishment of their own.

"Whether the person was aware the money was stolen from the city, to be quite frank, is really irrelevant. It's something we have to do as good stewards of the taxpayers' money. We have to go after that money."

Walker says the outside lawyers will attend the next Commission meeting where they will present the Commission with options on how to go about retrieving the stolen money.

The Commission will then vote on how to proceed with the proposed litigation.