Valentine's Day Preparations

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Several gifts that usually tend to top the charts in sales for Valentine's Day are cards, candy, and flowers.

With an estimated 180-million roses purchased nationwide last
year for the holiday, many florists are already preparing for the busy day.

"We were really busy Friday. I'm in here prepping for Monday and Tuesday because we expect Monday and Tuesday to be our biggest days", says E W James & Sons floral manager, Lynne Carey.

This is Carey's first Valentine's Day as a floral manager, but she is already getting prepared.

"I pulled all the sales from the last couple of years and saw how busy it was and it guided me for what I need to prepare for", says Carey.

Across town at Deemer's Flowers they were also getting ready for the holiday rush. They normally aren't open on Sunday, but according to owner Ellen Buchanan, they stay busy for this holiday so they opened up to get ready for Valentine's Day.

According to Buchanan, flowers are always the top-seller for this holiday so there are a few tips you need to remember if you plan on getting or receiving this popular gift:
Keep the flowers well-watered, try to keep them in a cool spot, and if possible, place them where they can get some kind of light.

Carey also has her own suggestion.

"I read this tip online to add a little bit of 7-Up for roses. Put a little bit of 7-up or Sprite down in the water. They like the sugar and that would help the flowers open up", says Carey.