New Technical Center Update

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The mission for the almost completed Warren County Area Technology Center is simple.

"We're gonna provide technical education for Warren County, Edmonson County, and some of the Bowling Green High students," says new principal Don Evans.

Before taking on the job, he was the principal at the tech school in Russellville.

"The experience I had at Russellville will translate directly. I had many of the same programs there that i'm going to be having here, so the knowledge I gained there running those programs will transfer directly over here."

Construction began on the 45-thousand square foot school in December and contractors have been working at a feverish pace to make sure the building would be ready in time for its projected June completion date.

The center will offer classes that include information technology, welding, and health careers.

Evans says students' curriculum here will be the same as the those at the other tech schools.

But he notes that being the only area technology center with its campus inside a transpark will expand the educational opportunities of students.

"Well, I think the real plus to that is we'll be working real closely with those businesses and students will be exposed to those businesses so that they will know about the high-tech jobs that are available."

Evans says the basic goal of the school is to make sure that every student that passes through its doors will be well-versed in a technical field.

"Making good industry connections and making a place for the student to go for the student to go after having been through the training is one of the keys.
For the first year...We won't be able to do that because we won't be able to do that because we won't have any data to go back on but once we've been going for a year or two, then I fully expect us to be one of those schools of excellence also."

Currently, Pulaski and Butler counties are also building area technical centers, which will bring the total number in the state to 56.