Farming Through Generations

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The Tucker's farm is tucked away in rural Warren County, despite I-65 right across the road. It seems technology and construction have taken over. In fact, Tom Tucker says kids who grow up near the city, don't know where milk comes from!
"They think milk comes from the store. It comes from the cow and farmer really."
His 70 year old father, who still works daily on the farm, agrees.
"They don't care about the farm. They let their parents do whatever with it." Many farmers have sold their family farm and given the money to their children. Many times, farmer's children are uninterested in taking over the family business, and it is forced to be sold.
"I can't imagine not having this farm, not having anyone to come behind me to bring up the rear." Tom explains, that is what family farming is all about. Especially to his father, as he remembers how his dad did it many years ago.
"My dad always said we did a good days work today and we'll do more tomorrow."
And that mentality was passed on to Tom.
"When I look at my sons in the field, its come full circle, they are doing exactly what I did."
Zach Tucker may only be 12 years old.
"He's not old enough to drive a car, but he can drive a tractor." But, Tom says he's already heir to the family business.
"You go to college, the farm is waiting when you get back."
And, he's got back-up! His younger brother also says he wants to farm, but he has a few years. He's only four.
It seems as though Tucker Farms will see it's fifth generation.