WKU Suspends Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity Over Goat Incident

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At 2:25 a.m. Thursday, Bowling Green Police responded to a loud party at the "Alpha Gamma Rho" house at 1436 Chestnut. During their investigation of the agriculture fraternity, police discovered a goat in the basement. It had no food or water, and was standing in its own urine and feces. They took the goat to the Humane Society, and charged WKU freshman, 19-year-old Trenton Dakota Jackson of Henderson, with second degree cruelty to animals.

Brian Peyton is the president of Western's Alpha Gamma Rho chapter. He says the goat was brought in on a whim, as a prank, to make some pledges think they would have to have sex with it. But Peyton says it was not hazing-related, and no one was ever going to have sex with the goat.

WKU's Director of Media Relations says the university has notified the AGR's national office and suspended AGR's chapter activities while they investigate.

Once the investigation is over, a hearing will be held, and Western will announce any sanctions against the fraternity, but any individual sanctions will be kept private. Western's "Code of Conduct" forbids hazing of any kind.