BG Police Put 50,000 Volts in Their Holsters

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If you don't comply with officers commands, you may feel 50,000 volts coursing through your body!

Bowling Green Police received taser training today, learning how the taser functions, how to deploy it, when it's appropriate to deploy, and how to make sure the person tased gets medical treatment.

A study cited in Tuesday’s Courier-Journal says a taser stun gun was 39 times more powerful than its manufacturer claimed, powerful enough to cause fatal heart rhythms. But Major Quentin Hughes of BGPD says tthe Taser International company told him the weapon is safe. Taser International is suing the author of that study, claiming he does not have the expertise to make conclusions about stun guns.

Two squads of police officers completed their training today, and are now on the streets of Bowling Green, armed with 50,000 volts of electricity to subdue lawbreakers.