Powerball Winner

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A powerball ticket buyer in Richmond, Kentucky wins $667,000 for matching five numbers but not the Powerball during Saturday night's drawing.

The money is part of the Match Five Bonus Pool, with $467,000 in bonus money.

Those funds come from 19.6 million dollars in excess prize funds for people who hit all but the Powerball.

The Richmond ticket buyer was one of 42 people across the country to match the five numbers, but not the Powerball.

One person in Lincoln, Nebraska, matched all five numbers and the Powerball to claim the largest single jackpot in North American history.

Over the weekend, convenience stores across the area were busy selling tickets to those hopeful of winning the big jackpot.

"We had a woman come in and spend $175 on tickets and i'm sure we'll have more people to repeat that", says Bowling Green Keystop employee Rick Bouse.

Wallace Still of Bowling Green consistently buys Powerball tickets...and made sure that he had several tickets ready for this weekends drawing.

"The chances you take are slim, but I think it's well worth it", says Still.

For more information on the Powerball drawing, you can log onto www.kylottery.com.