Monday's City Commission Preview

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According to mayor elaine walker, The recommendations of last year's public survey regarding an animal ordinance will be presented to the commission for a vote.
The ordinance will now put a limit on the amount of pets a person can have.

"We're limiting it to 5 pets. If you have more than that...You're gonna have to have a designation as a kennel, and that simply puts a little more requirement on the pet owner," says Mayor Walker.

The ordinance will also aim at controling bowling green's pet population.

"We are encouraging them to spay or neuter their pets so that pets that are spay or neutered will have a lower licensing fee. We'll also gonna put some more teeth behind licensing."

The commission also look at improving the traffic signals in town. Right now, the traffic lights aren't syncronized anymore because they are so old.

"Even if our city workers have syncronized the lights, within a matter of hours, they will be out of syncronization because they're just too old."

The lights are also hard to maintain because of the equipment needed to fix them is not being made anymore.

Mayor Walker says the city might also consider changing State and College streets from 1-way to 2-way roads.