Presley Nash Update

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A four-year-old Bowling Green girl continues to struggle, despite a bone marrow transplant.

It's been five months since Presley Nash was admitted to a Minneapolis hospital for a transplant to treat a rare bone disease known as mannosidosis. The surgery took place last October and her parents say it has slowed the progression of the disease considerably. However, Presley is still suffering numerous complications.

Family members say Presley's upper respiratory tract is swollen as a result of a virus she developed during radiation and chemotherapy. She received a tracheostomy early this month and was weaned from a ventilator...but doctors still haven't found a trach that fits properly.

In the meantime, her parents say Presley's fighting spirit and strong will are sustaining her. The Nashes continue to thank the community for all their support. For more on Presley's progress, go to