Road Crews Tackle Snow

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Paul Keith has been working the roads for the last 20 years and when Mother Nature beckons, he springs into action.

Keith says: "When it snows everyone works together and drops everything and it's not a one-man deal, a one-supervisor deal, it's the whole district working together to make sure everything is as safe as possible."

Over 170 people were out during the storm on Sunday and into Monday, clearing and salting the main and back roads to make your travels a little easier.

For this event District Three, which includes Warren County, used 5,200 tons of salt and 23,000 gallons of an anti-icing agent to help prevent the moisture from freezing on the roads.

Mother Nature also played a hand in melting the snow with the sunlight.

However, the sun comes after a long night that turns into a long day for many of the crews.

Keith says: "We feel that first snowflake and we get a call, everyone just drops everything, their whole life and everything else going on at work and here we are."

The Kentucky Department of Highways says to keep in mind while the roads look clear there still could be slick spots.

For information on road conditions you can call 511 or log onto