Earthquake Shakes Kentucky

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An earthquake, measuring 5.0 on the Richter Scale, shook protions of Kentucky, Indiana, and five other states Tuesday. The epicenter was 10 miles north of Evansville, Indiana along the Wabash Valley Fault. No injuries and little damage are reported.

Matthew Dettman, who serves on the Governor's Council on Earthquake Risk Reduction, says the quake serves as a good wake-up call. He says take a look at objects around you, and if they can fall, they will fall in the event of a quake.

With that in mind, Dettman suggests the following:

Eliminate heavy objects on walls, and anchor shelves.

Keep chemicals low to the ground, so they don't fall and explode.

Keep a supply of food, water, and cash close-at-hand.

In the event of a quake, take cover under a heavy object, such as a pool table.

Go to the lowest level possible, but only if it's within quick access. Otherwise, stay put.

Experts cannot predict an earthquake; they can say a strong one will certainly happen sometime in our area.

Track theNew Madrid fault activity.