Tax Season Upon Us

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Tax preparer at H&R Block are already busy taking phone calls and answering questions. It's tax season and most of us could use some extra help.

Douglas Schneider has prepared other people's taxes for years and has lots of advice to offer. "When you come in to file your taxes, be sure to bring your W-2 form. If you're a homeowner, you need your interest statement from the bank, how much personal tax you've paid, charitable donations, just a whole list of things."

Those who are self-employed need to get a 1099 and bring with them a list of business expenses when they come in to file. Schneider says people need to find out what they can and can't write off.

If you provided shelter for families displaced by the hurricane, you can deduct up to $500 per person, up to $2,000, as long as you were host for at least 60 days.

If you've had any lifestyle changes over the past year, a wedding, divorce, a new baby or a new home, these events could change your filing.