Controversy Over Truck Size

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Lewisburg Police Chief Alan Alsup says, "You must be within 15 miles off the certified truck network if you pull a trailer over 45 feet long or 96 inches wide."

That's what Kentucky law says about tractor trailers on curvy roads like 431 in Lewisburg. Until recently it hasn't been strictly enforced, but lately Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement has been cracking down in areas like Highway 100 in Simpson County.

Joyce Gunn is a truck company owner and dispatcher. She says a driver got pulled over just Monday morning.

"They told him to go back to the scale. He told them he was legal, but they made him turn around and go back, so he went and he was legal and they turned him loose."

Now truck drivers in Muhlenberg County are asking for help from legislators.

Rep. Brent Yonts, (D) 15 District, says, "Increased costs to the driver for transporting the material out, they have to go a different way, a longer way to get to 65, the Natcher or someplace else to get on a four lane highway."

Yonts says increased cost to the company will eventually lead to higher prices for the consumers and he is asking for the money to expand 431 into a four-lane road from the road budget. Drivers say the companies they work for demand them to buy larger trailers and to accommodate them most of them do. Now they are paying the price.

Truck company owner/driver Jimmy Jeffers says, "I understand that is the law, and that the roads can be unsafe. We pay our taxes every year let's build roads. Let's change laws. That law is 25 years old. We just can't live with it."