WKU May Axe Ag Fraternity

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Investigators plan to interrogate all 29 Alpha Gamma Rho members about charges they were going to make some pledges think they would have to have sex with a goat to be initiated into the fraternity.

Police confiscated the goat and took it to the Humane Society.

Western officials also say the AGR violated the school's alcohol policy for a second time, allowing underage drinking at the house.

Western may permanently suspend AGR if it is determined the fraternity acted as a whole in this incident, and it was not the random act of a couple of individuals.

Meanwhile, the criminal investigation of the incident has taken a hit. Although the police report says open condoms were found near the room where the goat was discovered and four naked pledges were found hiding in the shower area of the house, WBKO has learned the condoms were not collected as evidence and no pictures were taken of the alleged crime scene.