Targeting Your Hometown: McHenry

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Bluegrass was born in Ohio County with the birth of Bill Monroe. This week our dart hit the community of McHenry in Southwestern Ohio County, so we weren't surprised to find one of Kentucky's finest mandolin players.

McHenry is an old mining town, which was first incorporated in 1880. Its' population hovers around 450 and was named after Henry D. McHenry. McHenry is a former state representative and senator who's influence brought the railroad and coal-burning locomotives to Ohio County.

As our crews have discovered many times, "Kentucky talent" most often lies in the most unusual places. Morgan Duncan began playing the mandolin at age 12, now at 74 he's still pickin' and grinning.' His life is surrounded by musical overtones, as a large collection of precious instruments surround him. Duncan has participated in and won dozens of contests for both the mandolin and fiddle, including the coveted state title of best mandolin player.

Duncan says music has brought tremendous joy to his life, including his wife of 50 years whom he met during a gig. However, the same music played brings joy to the lives of others as Duncan performs weekly before area schools and nursing homes. He's also a member of the Bluestone River Band.

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