Weighing Your Options Part 2

Picture a school cafeteria, what comes to your mind? Is it cold pizza, dry chicken nuggets, or what about rock hard rolls?

Schools are now trying to change that picture while teaching children at the same time.

Schools across the area say they are offering healthier options and making the food tempting for your taste buds.

At Warren County schools the chicken nuggets are covered in a whole grain coating, there are a variety of hot and cold vegetables on the line, as well as fruit.

The district offers items like squash casserole to get the kids to try new things.

Gina Howard, the director of Food Services, says: "We're constantly trying to teach kids what they're eating and using the cafeteria as a learning laboratory".

Even the milk has a flair to it. Howard says: "We have cotton candy milk now, vanilla, orange creme, a lot of different flavors and their favorite of course is chocolate".

At Bowling Green City Schools, the district has a program called Meal Pay which allows parents to see what their children are buying in the lunch line.

The Bowling Green City School District has a new program called Meal Pay.

This program allows parents to pay for their kids lunches on-line and take a peek at what they're eating at the same time.

Kim Simpson, the food service coordinator says: "We also have the capability that if a parent doesn't want their child to buy extras or only certain extras, we can set that up where it will flash and show the cashier when they go through."

The staff hopes this system helps open the lines of communication within families about what they're eating.

Kim has enrolled her son in the program and says: "I know what he's doing in the cafeteria and we can discuss it and find out what his reasoning was."

For more information about the Meal Pay program you can log onto www.mealpay.com.