Comer Bond Hearing

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A former area teacher appears before a judge asking for a reduction of her $87,500 bond. 26-year-old Angela Comer was in Monroe Circuit Court today. Judge Eddie Lovelace ruled that he would take both sides of the argument into consideration and make a decision in the next few days.

The court heard from comer's mother about the night she left town and about her daughter's character. The defense also told the court that Angela Comer has cancer and should be put on home incarceration while she consults a specialist. But the victim's grandmother says she believes if comer is released it could create more problems for her grandson.

Betty Carter York says: "It's been really tough. I thought it would get easier but it's not."

York did not testify in the bond hearing for Angela Comer. But she says she worries about what would happen to her grandson if Comer's bond is reduced and she is released from jail.

York says: "Right now he seem to be doing quite well so I'd hate to see that interfere with anymore."

Comer's mother was the only witness to take the stand. She testified that just before her daughter left the state with the 14-year old boy, Comer got a call from him and was visibly shaken by it.

Diana Combs is Comer's mother. She says: She was freaked out. She was crying. I asked her what was going on. She said she had to go to town for 15 or 20 minutes that she had to go talk to him."

Comer's attorney, Johnny Bell, also argued that she was diagnosed with cancer before she left with the boy, and that if she stays in jail she may not receive adequate treatment.

Bell says: "If she does have cancer, that's not something we can let her stay in jail and continually not file motions to have the tests to check that because she very well could be getting into stages of cancer that could ultimately end her life."

The Commonwealth Attorney's did not call any witnesses but argued that they believe Comer's bond fits the charges of sodomy, unlawful transaction with a minor, and custodial interference. Judge Lovelace listened to both sides before making this statement.

Lovelace says: "Based upon the statutory rules of criminal procedures I will enter findings of fact and conclusions of law."

Judge Lovelace told both the attorneys he would let them know when he makes his decision.

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