Traffic Patrol Tightening at Intersection

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"We went out and did a quick review of that and monitored traffic and found out that there were quite a few vehicles that were disobeying the traffic control device there. So what we've done is to step up some enforcement there," says Officer Barry Pruitt.

So after analyzing the situation themselves, Bowling Green Police took to the streets to keep an eye on just who was running red lights.

"That's a large intersection that traffic that is traveling on Campbell Lane; traveling at speeds of about 45 miles an hour. That’s the speed limit through there."

The Police Department started the initiative a week ago and has issued 20 citations and a couple contact cards, or warnings.

In the process of stopping those people for speeding past red lights, they were cited for other offenses such as driving uninsured.

But Officer Pruitt says the Police Department has noticed something else.

Most of the people running the lights don't even live in Bowling Green.

"We realize that Bowling Green is a regional draw due to our retail, our healthcare, the shopping ‘mecca,’ so a lot of these people may not be familiar with our traffic patterns. But regardless, everyone knows what a red light is."

Pruitt says the department will continue to patrol and monitor the intersection as well as other places in town where people disregard red lights.

In addition to major roads, the police department will monitor neighborhood roads as well as part of their Spot-A-Cop program.