Custody Battle

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A car accident leaves a 20-year-old woman brain damaged, and now a fight over who has her best interest in mind is separating the family.

"The mother wants what is best for her daughter," said attorney Steve Thorton.

Which means at her home and in her care.

But the victim's 22-year-old husband thinks differently.

"I'm just trying to get my wife back," Adam Blanton said.

"Right now his wife is not competent enough to make a decision about where she wants to be or to make good decisions for herself," said Thorton.

So, while Blanton was at the hospital at his wife's side where he had been for months...

"And they came in with a paper and saying I had to leave," Blanton said.

The victim's mother had applied for emergency guardianship of her daughter.

Her attorney says he notified Blanton. He says he never saw it coming.

"I ain't been able to eat, sleep, nothing for 36 days," Blanton said.

But Thornton (the mother's attorney) says the stability of the marriage was in question.

"It was a 9 month marriage and she filed for divorce once and met with a lawyer a second time about filing again," he said.

"She filed for separation no divorce... She came home 2 days later," Blanton added.

But that's not all. Thorton says some of the battle has to do with what happened the night of the accident.

"There has been an indictment for DUI pending," said Blanton's attorney Gary Logsdon.

But he says that's not enough to keep his client from his wife.

"It's real rough. It's more than rough you can't even imagine," Blanton said.

The judge granted Blanton supervised visits for the next few days.

They will be back in court on Tuesday in Edmonson County.