WKU Parking Adjustments

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For the next few weeks on WKU's campus, parking around Diddle Arena could become a problem as three well-known events bring in visitors to the area.

The first event will be the girls and boys 4th Region basketball tournaments taking place at Diddle Arena from March 6-11, and then again on March 13-14.

During these days visitors for the tournament can park at the parking structures next to the arena for $5.00 and students shouldn't be affected too much.

"Any permit holders will still be allowed into the structure as classes are going on. Permit holders will still be allowed in, but public parking will be available at both of the decks for the basketball tournament", says WKU's Director of Parking and Transportation, Jennifer Tougas.

The girls Sweet 16 basketball tournament will also be held at Diddle Arena from March 22-25. This shouldn't affect students or faculty members since this is during WKU's Spring Break.

"We won't have classes in session so we won't have any potential conflict between people coming to classes and the public coming to the events", says Tougas.

Those visitors coming to the events will be able to park in both parking structures for the tournament.

Last on the list of upcoming events is the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus. Performances will be held from March 31-April 2.

Students with permits will not be charged during the day to park in the structures, but anyone parking in the two structures at night will be charged a fee.

"Hopefully the students won't be inconvenienced too bad. I think we should be okay", says Tougas.

For more information on the parking adjustments for the upcoming few weeks at WKU you can contact Parking and Transportation Services at (270) 745-2361, or log onto www.wku.edu/transportation.