Textbook Prices Making Impacts on Learning

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- “I have friends that have to take out loans just for text books and that is a struggle," said Haley Middleton, Western Kentucky University student.

It is no surprise that textbooks are a costly must have each semester. Some students are able to budget the books in their loans, but many do not have that option. According to www.mercurynews.com, the price of textbooks has boosted 82% in the last decade. The Federal Government Accountability Office says part of the increase is due to extra materials that come along with the books, such as online applications.

Many programs at Western Kentucky University, allow professors to assign books as they see fit for their course. One professor, in particular, creates his own work book with articles and his personal experiences.

“Students buy it based on what it costs to print the thing, there is no profit margin or anything. There is just a cost to print it. I'm trying to save you money and giving you a work book that is going to be precisely what you need," said Jim LeTourneau, Western Kentucky University Professor.

Yes, most professors give students warnings about when they need the textbook and how much it costs. However, some students say they are still able to find ways around it.

“I've applied for more scholarships that will cover it if i have a receipt. So I'll take my textbook receipt and usually that will take up that whole scholarship. Therefore, I apply for extra ones for my text books,” said Haley Middleton, Western Kentucky University student.

Sharing textbooks is another popular option.

“I did that a lot my sophomore year, because money was tight and it is hard to get textbooks," said Cynthia Cooper, Western Kentucky University student.

Some students even attempt completing courses without the required textbook, but others say no to that idea.

"I wouldn't. No, I don't think it is worth it. You know, classes move so quick and maybe you didn't catch the whole thing. Sometimes you have to go back and check in your textbook to see what you can learn on your own," said Haley Middleton, Western Kentucky University student.

On Western Kentucky University's campus, textbook rental is another favored option.

We've provided links to other popular textbook rental websites.

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