Archery Rangers

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Elementary and Middle school students in Lewisburg are aiming for a bulls-eye as they prepare for a national archery competition.

The program started two years ago in a PE class.

While the students still participate in school, the sport has grown to an after-school program with more than 80 students!

Kendall Lawson, one of the instructors says: "Not every kid is going to be able to throw a home-run or a 3-pointer, but any kid can shoot a bow."

The Archery Rangers came to the team for different reasons. Some wanted to try a new sport, others wanted to spend time with their friends, and some wanted to participate with family members.

No matter what the reason the students say they all enjoy being able to work together to improve their team.

Lawson says: "It's brought kids together that normally wouldn't participate in extracurricular activities outside of school."

Now the kids are working to compete in their first national tournament.

For the organizers of the team it's not about winning or losing. It's about the joy they see when the kids step up to the line to shoot their bow.

Lawson says: "To see the smiles on their faces starting out never shooting a bow before to hitting a bulls-eye, it does a heart good."

The Archery Rangers are taking 42 members to participate in the National School Archery Tournament in Louisville on March 16.

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