Environmental Issue Delays U.S. 431 Improvement Project

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Environmental concerns over wetlands and other right of way issues will force the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet's Department of Highways to push back the construction bid date for safety improvements along U.S. 431 south of Belton in Muhlenberg County.
A $1.25 million Belton curve project tentatively set for May has now been pushed back to October 2006.

30 crashes in the past three years have killed three people and injured more than a dozen others on what's commonly known by locals as "dead man's curve."

Since 2003, the state has made numerous improvements to the dangerous stretch of road including new speed signs and lights, but some say it isn't enough.

"We appreciate everything they are doing to make the road safer, but the curve needs to be straightened," said Bobby Anderson.

As the collisions continue to mount, so do the stories.

"My brother-in-law almost died here. If it weren't for the guard rail, he would have."

State officials say the delay will likely push construction into 2007.