Children First: Late Start

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In education more ZZZ's may mean more AAA's. New research suggests that the average teen is not getting enough sleep because they need to get to school too early. Some schools across the country, including Bowling Green's, are pushing their start times back hoping students will report to the classroom better rested.

Studies show teens especially experience an increase in daytime sleepiness if they wake up too early. That's why a late start in the school system may actually lead to a head start in the classroom.

Anthony Berta, a senior at Bowling Green High School, used to wake-up pretty early. Bowling Green Independent Schools moved the district's start time forward this year. The high school now starts about an hour later.

Many students and teachers are in favor of the changes with after school jobs and homework keeping them up late at night. But some students don't like making up that extra hour in the afternoon. Generally though educators and students seem to agree that a later start means more sleep and more attentiveness in the classroom.