Allen County Accident Injures Four

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The intersection of 31E and Kentucky 101 in Allen County is calm now, following a Tuesday morning accident between a sheriff's deputy and a green pickup truck. The victims had to be taken by helicopter to Vanderbilt Medical Center. Deputy Robert Gaston suffered internal bleeding from injuries he sustained in the accident.

Sheriff Les Marsh says: "Last night they did surgery. He came through well."

The green truck was going southbound on 101 and the sheriff's deputy was going northbound on 31E responding to an emergency call.

Sheriff Marsh says: "They received a 911 call. The lady was very erratic. She was screaming and hollering."

Sheriff Marsh says Deputy Gaston is a hard worker who responds quickly to his calls. He says the nature of the 911 call could have made Gaston in a hurry to get to the scene.

Ferrell Tabor witnessed the accident on his way to work. He says he was so shaken up that he ended up staying home.

Tabor says: "We saw the lights and heard the sirens. The light was green but we all stayed there."

The intersection is known for being dangerous and has been deadly before.

Sheriff Marsh says: "We've had several accidents and several people killed. The state has been working on it."

Tabor agrees and says after seeing what he saw Tuesday morning, he'll proceed with even more caution when he travels it.

Tabor says: "It's a dangerous intersection. If the light is green you better stop and look."

Deputy Robert Gaston remains in critical condition at Vanderbilt. The driver, 34-year-old Ignacio Gorostieta Ortiz, was treated and released from Vanderbilt Medical Center. The passenger, 27-year-old Eulalia Neli Ortiz, is in stable condition. And seven-month-old, Jaquelin Ortiz, remains in stable condition at Vanderbilt.

Sheriff Marsh says the state has looked at the troublesome intersection and tried to correct it. He says one possible solution would be to lower the speed limit. Although, in the case of Tuesday's accident, that would not have applied because the officer was responding to an emergency call.

It turned out that there was no intruder in the woman who called 911's house.