Graduated Driver's License

Kentucky's youngest drivers may face longer waits before getting their license.

A bill requiring more time and training before teenagers obtain their regular driver's license has passed the state senate on a unanimous vote.

The bill would require 16-year-olds to go through a 180-day training period.

Teens would also have to complete 60-hours of supervised driving including ten hours at night.

After completing the permit period without a violation the young drivers would get an "intermediate license" for another 180 days.

The restrictions would include no late-night driving and would restrict the number of young passengers.

The result is that teens would have to wait at least six months longer than they do now to get their license.

Currently, teens can get full driving privileges after having a learner's permit for six months.

The measure returns to the house for consideration of senate amendments.

If the house accepts the changes, the bill would go to Governor Ernie Fletcher.