Child Porn Bust

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Child porn is a 20 million dollar black market industry, with hundreds of thousands of customers and many victims.

"This could happen anywhere. It could happen in our community. It could happen in this country or another country. You don't know that's why you have to be prepared," said Bowling Green Police Officer Jerry Corbitt.

The sex crime industry employs many. 77 people in Warren County alone are on the Kentucky State Police's sex offender registry. This latest bust involved those who targeted children through the Internet.

"The images many of these defendants sent around the world through peer to peer file sharing programs and private instant messaging services, are the worst imaginable forms of child pornography," said Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

Some websites had molestation on demand with young victims. Some were even younger than 18 months old.

"Child pornography is a competitive business and people who are in the business of selling images are getting more and more extreme to appeal to a client base that is interested in these images," said the former director of Infrastructure Protection Center Michael Vatis.

That leaves children more and more vulnerable. Officer Corbitt says parents need to step up to help prevent this growing epidemic.

"Educate them um about strangers... stranger danger... Always have an open line of communication with your kids. Find out who they're hanging out with who they play with who they associate with at school and out of school," said Corbitt.

The latest predators sought their victims online through chat rooms. Corbitt says there is also ways to protect your children.

"Of course you can always put parental blocks on those things. If they're talking in a chat room tell them you know don't always assume that person you're talking to who they are it could be an adult predator posing themself as a child," said Corbitt.