Allergy Culprits For South Central Kentucky

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Dr. Patricia Mercer is an allergy immunologist. She says: "Spring and fall are probably the two worst times of the year for allergies."

Dr. Mercer says they are seeing more patients now that spring is upon us.

"It's been ongoing for a while. But it's getting worse. We're ready for it."

We asked Dr. Mercer what some of the biggest allergy instigators are and here's what we found out:

Tree pollen and molds are one of the worst for our area.

"Here in Kentucky by the end of February beginning of March there are already a lot of tree pollens. And then molds of all different kinds."

With spring cleaning season comes dust mites another trigger for allergy sufferers.

"As long as we have the heat on, you're going to have high concentrations of dust mites locked in with them."

Pets are another thing that can set off an allergy attack. As long as you are cooped up with pets indoors you are susceptible to their dander that carries allergens. And with spring and summer fast approaching insects like bees and wasps will begin pestering. One culprit not everyone is aware of is the farmer's friend, the lady bug.

"Lady bug allergies have actually been reported. I've had a couple of patients complain of them. One lady when they swarm in her house, has had asthma attacks and doesn't have it to anything else."

Unfortunately there's no treatment available for lady bug allergies yet. There are, however, options for people allergic to bees and wasps. As for the rest of the instigators we listed, Dr. Mercer says it's best to be proactive and begin an allergy treatment regime now, instead of suffering later.

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