Sunbelt Tourney Chapel Services

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Although parking on the hill is packed, and the crowd is even more chaotic... what's going on behind some of the locker room doors is a different story. In fact, the women's team at Arkansas State University takes a moment to reflect inside their locker room before the game.

The team took part in a chapel service lead by a player for Athletes in Action. Scripture, Devotion, and Prayer--three things you may not expect to hear in a locker room, but at this year's Sunbelt Conference Tournament, several teams are voluntarily taking part in the chapel services.

Two basketball players from Athletes in Action, Chantel Mize and Jamie Rhoads, are in Bowling Green this weekend, not to play on the court, but to dribble in a message of hope... and the majority of teams chose to accept their offer to meet with the players, including Arkansas State.

Mize says it is a privilege to be able to use the platform of basketball to share her faith, especially since sports is a universal language.

Rhoads reminds us that basketball is temporary and our relationship with people and especially Christ is eternal and continues for generations to come.

Players agree and feel the chapel service helps calm nerves before a big game and helps them focus on what's important.

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